Google vs. Bing scandal

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It has been some time now since I first noticed a connection between Google’s and Bing’s results. I own a little niche site which I was updating regularly around one year ago, and was doing pretty good in search results, in both G and B. Unfortunately, due, lack of time (+ a little bit of laziness :D), I lost interest in keeping the site with fresh quality content. In other words, I just left it be. The interesting part is that as soon as my site started to fall in G’s search queries, it also went down on B’s. I found it curious, and then just moved at my business. But now, I have found that this link, this connection between G and B, is not just random. As reported by some other blogs [1][2][3], Google is providing Bing with search results! Btw, Bing released a nice statement, check it out. I really like the word “thoughts” here, in fact, I think it’s wonderfully used in this case.

Well, I’m not going to jump in the details of how G managed to reveal B’s theft (though from what I see , words like ‘hiybbprqag’ are becoming pretty popular ). I just find it spectacular that this kind of sh… can happed to big houses. As I am so so bored, I would pretty much like to see blood here. So my questions to you guys are “How do you think Google will retaliate? A lawsuit? Maybe a new operating system with half of the code from Microsoft’s Windows 7? Maybe all of it :D?”


All you webmasters, Google, Yahoo and other SE spam teams, hackers and last but not least, spammers out there, pay attention, I have this very last Christmas gift for you. Continuing my last post about content hosting communities, I am going show you how to get a hi5 reference, then I will show some other “nice” places to spam your links and last but not least, I will point some “great directories”.

If you didn’t knew, one can have a medication group on hi5: /friend/group/3582088–Cialis-Professional–front-html . “Cialis Professional” - nice, huh? I mean, this group be intense in many aspects, much better then Cialis Amateur :D

How about this Vibracin community hosted on Galeon, /dinya/vibramycin/vibramycin-dose.html , a PR 7 community which also loves spam :D ?

These 2 look also promising:

changa /vibramycin/vibramycin-dosage.html

atoato /inderal/what-is-inderal.html

Notice that although these 2 are image hosting communities, somehow the “hosting guys” managed to put some good indexed text over there.

Now, on directories. First, a joke: riyi .net (check this for spam reference: riyi .net/ index.php?c=211&p=16 )

Particularly, the first page words are amusing:  “Choose Vivid Directory Today!”  :D

Now, to get more serious. Here is a directory which is on 2900 Alexa, with PR7 and more. This directory recommend itself as a Singapore travel guide, providing business listings for businesses in Singapore. So far, great. But things get a little messy when you can read about Genital warts symptoms (streetdirectory .com /travel_guide/111133/stds/genital_warts_symptoms.html) at the medical section. My question here is why the heck need travelers this kind of information? Better yet, why does Google offer rankings for this site on all second and third query pages, for most relevant keywords SEOed by this directory? Why should Singapore travelers need to read about how to treat face eczema or how to diagnose Alzheimer disease? Why should the rest of the world need to read those type of things from a non-relevant site, when clicking on the 2nd page G query results?

Everything is changing and domains make no exception. Here is a glimpse: beacon - directory .com is now a blog with the title “Russian Women marriage agency”. Wow, nice going!

Hope I got some tears or smiles from you.

Internet and movies

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In the last couple of years, the movie industry has known little progress. Far away are the times when crucial jumps were made (i.e. Matrix series, Lord of the ring series). Now all you can get are some bolly vampire stuff (see Twilight, Blood: the last vampire, Cirque du Freak etc.), lame romantic comedies (Love Happens) or the end of the world (9, 2012, etc.). In-between, some movies just amaze by the level of opacity (Pandorum) or hilarity (Jennifer’s Body). Now I find myself trying really hard to remember when was the last time I saw a good interesting movie. Not pretty cool. :(
On internet, the main communities are these days IMDB, PirateBay and, which I already added to our index. I would recommend to anybody that wants to go and see the movie at cinema, to think twice before doing so. For me, seeing a movie at cinema means that:

1) It’s good, as many of my friends recommend it.

2) It’s new.

3) It has an intriguing title.

In rest, I just use PB to search for torrents and utorrent to get them. The main advantage is that you can always close the player when you get bored, disgusted or ashamed. And as a bonus, thanks to the “Technological Evolution” of mankind, latest cams have a surprising good quality :D.


I this post I will not make a review of the common content hosting sites, I will just list some of them which I my opinion represent spam and should not be even listed in Google queries. As I love to search things on Google it’s only normal I find these things from time to time. Maybe some guys from Google spam team should read this.

Let’s type “Cymbalta medication” on Google. I even made a pic with some results from page 2:

Google spam pic

You see the results from adobe? Wow. Of course, clicking on it takes us to a 404, but still Google had time to index this page and gave it a lot of weight. And then, there are others.

That Larry thing blog, on an edu. So much for the phrase: “Edu’s are just like regular types of tlds.” Also see how the title and the description resembles with the spam hosted on Talking about, the link is actually a redirection to low quality online pharmacy which has only 3(three, yes, that is correct) pages indexed. How are guys from supporting this? But then again, who could check all the content on that site?

And, talking about hosted content, let’s take top 3. I am too lazzy to make another pic, but I am telling you the 3rd link is to an ezine article. Great, I have no problem. But wait, there are some many ezine articles on this subject, why this particular one? Well, Google doesn’t show, but as Yahoo shows, that particular article page from ezinearticles has a single back link from, wow, this spammy page:          (just add .html after this)

Now that we are talking, is another PR6 as they call it “Free Website Access Analysis Blog Rental Server SEO Countermeasures etc” . WOW.

So linking an ezine 500 words crappy article from a spammy place grants Juliet Cohen expert article writer from Ezine Articles (which, by the way, has over 600 articles written there) a better place then i.e. , a PR6 page from a site which is made by doctors and which deals professionally with medication. Again, WOW.

It think I should stop for today. :)

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