Google encourages image theft?

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EDIT: Looks like Google is actively working at this functionality. My picture was attributed to my blog eventually, and now that I also posted it on my site about eczema pictures, it looks like it’s attributed to this site instead. Looks like Google’s algo actively looks for the best quality of a specific picture that one can find online.

A while ago, I was talking about a small eczema that appeared on my right hand due stress accumulated during my Ph.D. thesis preparation. Inside this post, I also added an image of my condition. Well, now at a simple search for keywords “eczema psoriasis”, my image appears on Google, but other site is referred:

Google Image search

Although I haven’t received any inquiry from other web masters on the possibility of using my image on other web places, still my pic was stolen, and better yet, with the help and ignorance of G, is now present in their searches as made by other site. My main questions is: Why is now Google not referring my site for this image (if they really think it’s relevant for the search term), and instead, it is referring some low quality domain which doesn’t even pass copyscape: ?

My secondary questions are:

1. How come in 2011, with all the image processing algos out there, Google hasn’t yet found a way to attribute images to their respectful owners? It’s a matter of simply comparing the scales and the quality of the images. Even image crop processes can be now easily spotted. All that is needed is the determination, which sadly, Google lacks.

2. Why, although the site which stoled my image is hot-linking it, the attribution not made to my hot-linked blog?

3. What is their opinion on this situation (by “their”, I’m referring to the engineers from the department of quality search results or related - if there even exists such a thing)?



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Happy Birthday My Green Corner!

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Our directory is celebrating this month its 4th year. We are pleased to see that although things on internet are rapidly evolving, some people still find time to appreciate our little resource. But enough talk, let’s see what changed on our site recently:

- the wordpress themes are now working on the latest wordpress version.

- the categories have been cleaned by sites which have disappeared or no longer comply with our TOS.

- we have added new categories, so now you can find much easier the place where your quality site fits.

- we have fixed a small security breach. Seems like some hackers have exploited a wp installation from our server, the issue is now resolved. However, if you want to sign up to our themes, csstemplates or wpmarket subdirectories, you will have to contact us for setting up an account.

- added more quality free resources (either governmental or educational places) to our categories.

I hope you enjoy our site, I wish you all the best with your businesses.


Happy Birthday

Happy Easter holidays

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I would like to take a minute and wish to all our readers and their families “Happy Easter”.  Although this last Google PR update brought no changes to our directory, I hope that the quality of our listings and the hard work that we put into this portal to pay off eventually.

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