Safflower Oil Substitute

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Safflower oil is extracted from the sallower plant seeds which is a lesser known member of the sunflower plant family. The safflower plant is a highly branched plant with long spines and thistles on its leaves. The plant has unusual yet beautiful bright yellow colored globular flowers which may range anywhere between bright sunshine yellow to dark amber. As these plants have strong taproots, they thrive in dry regions and soils but are susceptible to harm due to frost or high moisture content in the soil. The oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant which are hidden beneath the petals of the safflower flower.

Types and Benefits of Safflower Oil

There are 2 types of safflower oils. One type is high is monounsaturated fatty acids and are excellent for deep frying purposes. This type of safflower oil has a very high smoking point and can be easily stored in room temperatures in an air tight container for a long period. The other type of safflower oil is the polyunsaturated oil which is great for cold usage like salad dressing. This type of oil is considered much healthier to be consumed in cold form (that is without cooking). However, the polyunsaturated safflower oil has a very short shelf life and goes rancid fast if not stored in cold and dry conditions. The best way to store these types of oil is in air tight containers in the refrigerator.

Safflower oil has highly beneficial qualities. Because of the high polyunsaturated fatty acid content, it aids in strengthening of cell membranes and reduction of cholesterol. It is also considered effective in reducing fat deposit in the body. Safflower oil is often recommended by physicians and dietitians for people suffering from diabetes and obesity. It promotes healthy skin and hair.

Warnings and disadvantages of Safflower oil

In spite of the many benefits of safflower oil, there are some basic disadvantages attached to it as well. Excess consumption of the oil may lead to weight gain. Some people also have allergic reactions to safflower oil. These allergic reactions may cause damage to skin, hair, and various internal organs. Another great disadvantage is that the oil has a short shelf life and is prone to getting rancid if not stored properly. Care needs to be taken in storage and the oil should be kept in air tight container and in a cool and dry place.

Substitutes of Safflower Oil

Because of some of the above mentioned disadvantages, many consumers prefer to use other ingredients which have the same benefits as safflower oil but not the disadvantages.

Listed below are some of the common substitutes of safflower oil.

  • Canola Oil: Extracted out of the seeds of canola plant, canola oil proves to be a great substitute for safflower oil. It is low is saturated fat and has a high content of Omega 3 fatty acid and monounsaturated fat. Because of its neutral flavor, it is popularly used in cold preparations like as salad dressing. The health claims of canola oil is well recognized by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) and it is popularly recommended by many dietitians for people who suffer from high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension.
  • Soybean Oil: Soybean oil is extracted from soybeans. This oil has many healthy properties and is cheaply available all across the world. Even post extraction, the oils contains a large amount of natural antioxidants which promote overall health. Because of the high smoking point of soybean oil, it is very suitable for deep frying purposes. Many producers often hydrogenate soybean oil to increase its shelf life. However this process unhealthy trans fat is generated which is not advisable for consumption. It is therefore recommended that you consume soybean oil in the original and natural extraction form.
  • Olive Oil: Olive oil has been the long standing blue eyed baby in the world of the health conscious people. Extracted from olives, this oil has very high content of monounsaturated acids which proves to be extremely beneficial for people with heart diseases. Study suggests that a consumption of 2 teaspoon of olive oil in daily diet reduces the risk of coronary diseases. Moreover as the oil is neutral in flavor and smell, it is very highly suitable for cooking and baking purposes. In fact the world of bakery has now acknowledged olive oil as a healthy substitute for the margarine and fat usage that is essential in most recipes. Olive oil is also popularly used for external application to skin and hair as an effective yet subtle enough moisturizer.

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Internet and movies

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In the last couple of years, the movie industry has known little progress. Far away are the times when crucial jumps were made (i.e. Matrix series, Lord of the ring series). Now all you can get are some bolly vampire stuff (see Twilight, Blood: the last vampire, Cirque du Freak etc.), lame romantic comedies (Love Happens) or the end of the world (9, 2012, etc.). In-between, some movies just amaze by the level of opacity (Pandorum) or hilarity (Jennifer’s Body). Now I find myself trying really hard to remember when was the last time I saw a good interesting movie. Not pretty cool. :(
On internet, the main communities are these days IMDB, PirateBay and, which I already added to our index. I would recommend to anybody that wants to go and see the movie at cinema, to think twice before doing so. For me, seeing a movie at cinema means that:

1) It’s good, as many of my friends recommend it.

2) It’s new.

3) It has an intriguing title.

In rest, I just use PB to search for torrents and utorrent to get them. The main advantage is that you can always close the player when you get bored, disgusted or ashamed. And as a bonus, thanks to the “Technological Evolution” of mankind, latest cams have a surprising good quality :D.

Genova through my eyes

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With the occasion of having an internship at one of the greatest research facilities in Europe (IIT, Italy), I find myself in the temporary position of being an inhabitant of Genova (Genoa). In this post I will try to describe Genova city as seen through my eyes. From the beginning, I would like to add that I come from a mountain city (Brasov, Romania), so the change is pretty big for me. Genova can be found in the NV of Italy:

View Larger Map

It’s a big city, mainly a sea port. In the center, you can admire some of the local attractions:

- the Aquarium (mostly impressive because of the dolphins, seals, penguins and big sea turtles).

- the architecture of the buildings.

- the light tower.

- that’s it.

Not such a big deal, there aren’t too many sights to see as this is an industrial city. I live in the Medino Potente district, which is full with a lot of colors. People of all races and probably of many nations meet together as Supermakets like LIDL, Castorama or Pam. As much impressed as I am about the cultural mix, as disappointed I am on my conational Rroms inclusion into it. Not trying to generalize this, when passing by then, almost all of them have either begged for some euro, or said some nasty things which obviously I understand but just pretended I didn’t.

So returning to our subject, the industrial part of this city transformed it into a big polluted town. Here you can see huge container deposits, big ships and a lot of places under construction:

Industrial Genova

The summer smells are strong and not pleasant (with the flowers exception). The weather is sometimes very hot, with temperatures that easily reach 35 C. There are some river channels along the hills. Local fauna (ducks, gooses, some fish and a lot of small lizards) can be found in these areas. When jogging, I spotted a badger.

The only beach I could find is the one at Voltri. I make around 2h from the Institute to Voltri with local transport. Traffic is infernal, Voltri is very far away.

Overall, I wouldn’t live in this city. Too much pollution, heavy smells and traffic flow. But for 3 months, one can discover the Italian lifestyle as seen through Italian eyes.

Play the ball

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I must say I play tennis in summer, I sky in winter, I enjoy table tennis, I swim and I play basket occasionally.

I don’t know what other people feel, but for me, it was always hard to play soccer. I always knew how to “hit the ball”, I love scoring, I love running and I always am a team player. Although I’m not perfect, I give a lot on the field. The hard part is getting accepted by the others which played before you and, at the moment of your appearance, think that “you are lacking some motion qualities”.

In my group, there where always better soccer players then me. I guess the tricky part is finding people at the same level with you. Some of my friends played this sport while they where kids and now they are very good at it. It is safe to say that a sport learned in childhood is easily performed later. I reason that after a certain age, it is kinda impossible to learn how to play a sport and actually be good at it.

I always wanted to be a professional soccer player, but I guess this will happen in another lifetime. I’m not much of a supporter and I don’t have a favorite team, but I watch almost every game in which our national team plays. And I love to see on TV those crazy fights between English supporters. I guess this sport becomes passion there.

Although a while ago I didn’t had the opportunity (all my friends where so lazy when coming to this), I play soccer every Tuesday and Thursday. Performing a sport regularly is entertaining and also does a lot of good to your body. I noticed that I react faster now, I don’t get tired so often after little effort and I do become better at it.

If you are spending to much time on computer, you might want to consider playing a sport. Everything needs to be done within its time and with no exageration.

Best wishes,


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