Yong Guan’s laboratory may be the driving engine for the future marketing safeguards for internet advertisers. With his five long formulas deriving various variants and constants would be the future guidelines for all those who are looking eagerly to make a fortune with internet marketing and advertising business. Yong Guan’s formulas contain all bad news for present and future cyber criminals. Yong Guan and his team of students at the ‘Iowa state University’ are working on the development of technologies for fighting the cyber crimes and making shopping more secure for common people around the world.

Yong Guan is Litton Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and in collaboration with the ‘Iowa State University Research Foundation’ has also applied for a patent on this new technology that detects frauds.

“Click Fraud”, the new technology of Yong Guan, deals with the problem of false drives and campaigns for hitting the advertisements that are posted on millions of websites. Yong Guan says,” The invention will help online advertising companies such as Google and Yahoo reduce click fraud”.

Guan’s research is expected to facilitate millions of the computer and internet users across the globe. Most of these users do not have enough time and expertise to protect their machines from the growing frauds. They often do not have enough access to the recent security technologies and safeguard measures.

Security issues have multiple faces and the researchers are fighting on this front to solve the complex puzzles for past several decades.”And 30 years later we’re still working on them”, says Yong Guan.

Cyber crimes have many aspects and they are changing constantly. During the late nineties it used to be the hackers attacking computer systems. Since then things have taken a different track now. Trade and commerce is now becoming more online oriented and this online money transaction has attracted the cyber criminals for adopting new and advanced techniques for making frauds. To address the problem, Guan and his co-researchers are working on multiple projects in order to make computing more secure and hold cyber criminals accountable:

Yong Guan is on the verge of developing new technology and techniques that will extract the criminal evidences directly from the computers, network hardware, cell phones and other electronic devices. Guan has three projects in his hands right now. Each of these projects has a specific focus;

  •  Network attack attribution to help investigators find the real origins of cyber criminals and attackers.
  •  Click fraud detection to protect Internet advertising.
  •  Auction fraud technology to quickly identify the people and their accomplices who run bogus Internet auctions.

These projects on which Yong Guan is working, also aim to improvise the security and working of the wireless communication networks.

The first project has an objective of finding out how a new secure network coding model can be generated and protected from attacks during its transmitting the network traffic. The conventional system used to send each individual message hop by hop until it reached its destination.

The new technology has made it differently now. It is based on network coding and cooperative relaying schemes. With this new set up the system sends and combines all messages in different groups. Guan said it’s like loading up a freight train and sending big loads down the line together. It’s a way to increase capacity and save energy. But this also becomes more vulnerable as putting all that network traffic together makes it easier for attackers to hit more targets with a single attack.

The second project of Young Guan intends to develop an exclusively location-based security system that would help almost all existing wireless technology. That means a person would have to be working in a specific place prior to having an access to documents over a wireless network. Such a system in place would be immensely useful for the government employees who are generally required handle the classified documents over wireless connections. Guan’s security system would only allow those documents to be viewed in designated secure rooms.

Yong Guan’s third project will help secure wired and wireless multicasts over the Internet. This will help in protecting and managing multiple lists of Internet accounts. For a software company it would serve many potential purposes. Such a company, for instance, would be able to limit the delivery of security patches to paying customers. Webcasters would also be benefiting with this technology. It will help them manage and limit access to their content.

Yong Guan is also making attempts to develop techniques for protecting the individual’s identity on the internet. Such technology will be immensely helpful for the internet users. Guan intends to develop a set of secure applications. One application, for instance will protect the individual’s medical record using online pharmacies while the other set of application will be preserving the identity of people who are taking part in some online voting system.

Yong Guan is definitely going to trouble the criminals. His technologies would detect the criminals and their bogus accomplices who intend to run bogus internet auctions on the internet. Future may be witnessing major developments and these technologies could develop as a tool that can be used in the courts also.

Yong Guan and his associates are spending long hours with cross-hatched lines on their laboratory whiteboard, struggling with their analyses, calculations and formula. They are sure working for all of us and we must thank them for their sincere efforts and wish them good luck.

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