How to build outdoor storage sheds

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Storage sheds have been in use since pre-historic times. They are more like an extension of an indoor storage. Most of the storage sheds are built for storing materials and equipments. These have been used for both domestic and commercial needs. A lot of households utilize the backyard space for building an outdoor storage shed. They tend to store most of the unused things like old clothes, garden equipments, trash and many others. It moreover helps to de-clutter the interior of a house. A lot of people find the sheds as a space saving alternative and are on the lookout for various methods to build them at the backyard.

Different kinds of storage shed

Most of the storage sheds are easy to design and can be built within a short span of time. For a beginner, they can refer to online blue prints of various storage shed plans and can customize them as desired. There are a lot of do-it-yourself kits that are available in the market and that makes the job quite easy to handle. We have a lot of varieties of outdoor storage sheds, and though the basic construction remains the same, there are different procedures for setting them up. It would be a better idea to take the help of a carpenter, as the erection phase would be a tedious work.

Space allocation of the storage shed and their limits

First and foremost, to build outdoor storage sheds, mark the layout and decide the amount of space for storing the materials. The allocation of space depends upon the kind of material to be stored. The shed can be of a smaller lot, if it deals with the storing of garage and garden equipments, whereas, a larger shed can be built for commercial needs. We can see a lot of outdoor storage sheds at on-going construction sites. They are quite large and are used to store cement bags, shovels, and boots. They are usually made of galvanized steel and are covered by metal sheets for shelter.

  • The space allocation is the primary step for building the outdoor shed. People use wooden planks for constructing storage sheds for domestic needs. They are more reliable and easy to handle.
  • The marked layout is dug for about 3 feet deep and a strong foundation is laid. Most of them prefer to have a movable storage shed as it would be easy for transportation, while some others prefer to have a permanent storage shed.
  • The foundation should be strong enough to support the structure and the roof. With the foundation set in place, it is important to ensure that there are proper drainage facilities for the shed.


Preparing a checklist for building the storage shed

Make a checklist of certain factors like the sunlight and the shelter needed for the shed, the rain and the slope of the roof and so on. These external factors have to be fine tuned, so as to protect the materials that are stored inside the shed. A skeletal frame is worked around the foundation and the planks are nailed to the frame. Most of the internal frame works need to have a good finish and therefore it is necessary to be acquainted with some carpentry skills. The wooden joists have to be secured firmly in its place to support the roof.

Erection of the roof design for the storage shed

Most of the outdoor storage sheds need to have a sloped roof rather than a flat roof. It would help in the drainage of rainwater. The roof design can vary according to the layout of the shed. There are various roof design software’s that can be used for designing the roof. This would make the job much easier. Some of the do-it -yourself kits have instructions that can be followed for erecting the roof. It is quite a lot of work with the roof, but with some assistance from a carpenter or a neighbor, it can be sorted out. Regular roofs that are flat can be easily placed and secured but would not provide enough shelter to the stored materials.

The post and beam construction technique for building storage shed

There are different construction techniques, for building an outdoor storage shed. The post and beam construction technique is time tested and is approved by many for erecting a storage shed. The internal frame work forms the core of the structure and supports the roof as well. Moreover, this technique has been used for buildings as well. The post and beam technique depends upon the placement of timber in horizontal and vertical direction. They are joined at right angles by mortise and tenon joints. On the whole, it gives a sturdy appearance.

This method saves long planks of plywood, as smaller fragments of timber can be used for erecting the shed. It helps in providing a strong framework, in comparison to the other construction techniques. This method can be used for constructing barns and loafing storage sheds.

Storage sheds based on their materials

Apart from wooden storage sheds, there are sheds of different materials and designs. Most of them prefer to have outdoor storage sheds that are easy to maintain like vinyl storage sheds, steel storage sheds and even plastic storage sheds. There are sheds of a different type known as Amish sheds and has basically evolved from the gypsy culture. They used these sheds as an extension of their homes to store materials and other things. They are easy to construct and can be pitched at any place. The concept of portable storage sheds are slowly gaining recognition as this aids in easy transportation and also cuts down the construction costs.

  • Most of the outdoor storage sheds that are built in woods need to be seasoned and treated for termites.
  • Care should be taken to use wooden planks of good quality and have to be aligned for a better joint with the internal frame.
  • Vinyl and plastic storage sheds are also very much in demand these days as they are easy to maintain and are available at an affordable rate.
  • Most of them can be erected within a short span of time. There are instructions given in a manual to aid in erecting the structure.
  • They are considered to be the best in terms of maintenance, cost and transportation.

Other benefits of storage shed

A lot of people find, outdoor storage sheds to be a space saver. It helps in clearing out the unwanted materials by storing them in a secured place. The storage sheds can be used for carry out project works and other experiments as well. It is more of a confined place that would help in carrying out all the activities, without having the fear of spoiling or damaging the interiors. They are perfect for storing children’s games and their unused stuff. Storage sheds are also great for storing holiday decorations like Balsam Hill artificial christmas trees during the off season. It also helps to glam up the external façade of the house. Most of these storage sheds also tend to increase the land value of the particular plot and is considered to be a viable investment. A lot of people build storage sheds, to increase the land value rather than using it for the storing materials.

Need of a storage shed in the current scenario

Outdoor storage sheds have got recognition from all walks of life. It helps to maximize space and utilize the backyard in a more efficient way. The sheds can be built stage by stage and can be increased in size with the increase of storage materials. There are several advantages of building up an outdoor storage shed and has become a necessity for households and commercial industries. Most of the people, staying in apartments are not privileged to own a storage shed, but can very well make use of the lofts, the space below the staircase and so on to store unwanted materials.

Enhances the interior of a house

Outdoor storage sheds help in getting the interior organized in a better way. It sorts out the needs and wants in terms of the storage material. Most of them find it as an easy way to look out for lost stuff under a common roof. These areas can be improvised by adding alarms and also fixing up a camera to avoid the materials from being stolen. Children’s can use the shed for playing games and also for carrying out their project work. These storage sheds are a boon for everyone in the family apart from helping to decrease clutter in the interiors of a house.

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