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Alright, so now let’s talk about growing flowers. I am not sure about you, but my all time favorites are orchids. As you will see, orchids are not only beautiful, but they also prove to be useful in solving many problems.

Growing orchids has been seen as a passionate hobby by many people in this age. They are quite a pleasing sight and enhance the visual appearance of the facade. Several individuals have started taking initiatives for growing orchids at their homes. Orchids reflect signs of grace and beauty and have always adorned homes with their brilliant display of flowers. These are considered to be the second largest family of the flowering plants and can grow to a height of about 6 inches, whereas other orchid varieties can grow up to 48 inches.

The flower of paradise

Orchid Flowers

Orchids are known to be the most appealing plants grown by humans. They grow under favorable tropical conditions with a suitable temperature. Some of them are now grown in indoors as well. Orchids are presumed to be the most beautiful flowers amongst god’s creation and this comprises a unique group of plants.

  • They display a far-fetched collection with varied sizes, colors and shapes. Orchids are admired for their subtle beauty and charisma in the global market on a huge scale.
  • In particular, orchids are in great demand and nature admirers have started to cultivate them in their greenhouses.
  • On the whole these orchids craft uniqueness to any garden.

Various species of ornamental orchids

In general orchids can be classified into two types, namely the monopodial and the sympodial. Orchids are known to have a core stem that grows every year, known as the Cattleya whereas the Cymbidium declines the growth of the stem at the end of each season. With the help of their individual bulbous stem called pseudo-bulb, new roots grow from the base of the stem, which eventually blossom into buds. Orchids can be grown as house plants and would blossom for years together.
Several orchid plants have been around for centuries. The orchids can be grown under these favorable conditions:

  • Aid should be taken to retain 60% of humidity for better growth of orchids.
  • Growth of orchids may differ based upon the place and climatic conditions.
  • The temperature can shuffle between 18′ C to 30′ C;

Benefits of growing orchids

An orchid is known for its brilliant display of colors and sophisticated grace. A lot of people find growing orchids to be a gratifying experience. Taking proper care of orchid plants is an art and requires a lot of patience. Nurturing Orchids can bring you many benefits. At this juncture here, are some benefits that you can obtain out of growing orchids.

  • Orchid plants endow a pleasant experience to any house.
  • It depends upon the individual’s choice to grow them as an interior plant in their garden;
  • It adds a pleasing look and portrays the nature’s glorious beauty at your very own lawn.
  • It moreover adds a feminine feel to your residence.

Orchid flowers can be gifted to anyone, especially garden lovers. Craft a beautiful bouquet of orchid flowers and surprise your loved ones. Your partner will feel lucky with a bouquet of orchids.

Suitable soil conditions

It is prudent to discuss suitable conditions for the soil before planning to grow orchids.The orchids grow in a similar pattern like other plants through their roots in soil. Naturally, these orchids are sheltered from the sun with the shade of trees.

  • Look out for fertilizers that comprise of (N) nitrogen, (P) phosphorus, and (K) potassium, besides elements such as iron and other needed minerals.
  • Phosphorous (P) for flower fabrication, and (N) Nitrogen for vigorous vegetation growing is essential for growing orchids.

Planting the orchids in the appropriate place

Like several other houseplants, an orchid needs proper watering, fertilizers, sun light, appropriate temperature and humidity. Plants should be grown in a south-east or west windowpane, but should be sheltered from straight mid-day sun. The soil on which an orchid is planted is an important aspect. A planter has to identify the soil form, locality, favorable climate, condition of the land, and other factors before planting the orchid.
The humid warm atmosphere is primarily important for the growth of the tropical orchids. Orchids can be grown in open air or in a sunny place or in the interior of a house.  Planting of Orchids is the most important phase, as it secures the foundation for the formative years. It can be grown in a container or pot that has a hole for evacuation at the base.

  • Greenhouse is the best way to nurture orchids.
  • Appropriate ventilation is necessary for the supply of clean air and it helps to control the temperature as well.
  • Humidity tray can be made handy with saucers or trays filled with water and rock.
  • Use of organic fertilizers and minerals would help in keeping fungal infections at bay.
  • The orchids should be watered regularly during the initial stages.

Maintenance and care for orchid trees

An orchid requires added attention than other houseplants. They have to be prepared to spend quality time to care for this interesting addition of their house. Orchids are amazing plants and are extremely popular amongst gardeners. Apart from potting, it is very important to maintain them at regular basis. Orchids have to be regularly watered, as they start to bloom better and likewise, the roots also spread out in an orderly manner.  Likewise plants in pots require less amount of water than the amount of water required in baskets. An orchid requires a time span of 4 to 6 years to blossom.

  • Filtered watering system is the best idea for keeping the orchids hydrated.
  • The plant should not be left without watered, especially in a hot climate.
  • During hot climate the plants needs to be watered 2 -3 times a day.
  • Fresh plants should be watered until new roots appear.
  • Water should be free from saline content.

Indoor orchid care guidelines

A large amount of orchids can come up implanted in a unique pot and entrenched in various sort of wool or rubbery material. This is for the reason that orchids obtain the majority of their nutrients and water from the ground roots. Care should be taken to handle the roots with care. Orchid plants necessitate soaring humidity and direct sun throughout the winter months and indirect light for the period of the summer months. Never allow the orchids to get excessively dry during the warm summers. Water the orchids consistently and keep them hydrated at all times. The water has to reach and nurture the entire roots. Ensure to avoid using softened water or salt water as it would damage the roots. If leaves twirl around with a light green color and shrivel in size, you have to watch out for insects and use fertilizers and other insecticides to keep them at bay. Most of the orchid varieties bloom under different weather conditions and hence it is very important to maintain their surrounding environment as well.

Better produce and quality of orchids

Soft or saline water kills nearly all orchids; consequently if you cannot afford hard water, consider making use of bottled water. Having a water tank nearby would suffice for watering the orchids on a regular basis.
Moreover positive reactions can be seen in root expansion, mainly amongst those orchids that contain air roots while the water quality is enhanced. Follow the labels for better fertilization and there are several online forums that provide valuable information about the complete process for growing orchids.
Most of them can find information from the nearby agriculture labs for their soil conditions and for the right amount of manure to be added to make them yield better. These tests have to be taken before planting orchids, as they would help in eliminating hurdles in the formative years.

Commercial benefits of Orchids

  • Ultimate fertilizers
  • Flavor for food
  • Flavor for making rum
  • For fragrance in perfume
  • Treatment for indigestion
  • Cure from allergies.
  • To ease headache and fatigue.
  • And also healing from hypertension.

Orchids are known to provide a visual treat and have a pleasant fragrance as well. Most of them are used for making scented perfumes and also as a room freshener.

Global presence of Orchid flowers

The Orchid flowers can now be bought or obtained all over the world. Orchid flowers are cherished by all and there is an enormous demand for these flowers in the international market. Since, special orchids grow up in different regions, so all varieties may not be available at the same store. You will nevertheless get several common varieties from far and wide. You can opt for any one of them according to your own liking and budget.

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