Google encourages image theft?

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EDIT: Looks like Google is actively working at this functionality. My picture was attributed to my blog eventually, and now that I also posted it on my site about eczema pictures, it looks like it’s attributed to this site instead. Looks like Google’s algo actively looks for the best quality of a specific picture that one can find online.

A while ago, I was talking about a small eczema that appeared on my right hand due stress accumulated during my Ph.D. thesis preparation. Inside this post, I also added an image of my condition. Well, now at a simple search for keywords “eczema psoriasis”, my image appears on Google, but other site is referred:

Google Image search

Although I haven’t received any inquiry from other web masters on the possibility of using my image on other web places, still my pic was stolen, and better yet, with the help and ignorance of G, is now present in their searches as made by other site. My main questions is: Why is now Google not referring my site for this image (if they really think it’s relevant for the search term), and instead, it is referring some low quality domain which doesn’t even pass copyscape: ?

My secondary questions are:

1. How come in 2011, with all the image processing algos out there, Google hasn’t yet found a way to attribute images to their respectful owners? It’s a matter of simply comparing the scales and the quality of the images. Even image crop processes can be now easily spotted. All that is needed is the determination, which sadly, Google lacks.

2. Why, although the site which stoled my image is hot-linking it, the attribution not made to my hot-linked blog?

3. What is their opinion on this situation (by “their”, I’m referring to the engineers from the department of quality search results or related - if there even exists such a thing)?


Height weight chart

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A height weight chart allows individuals to know the ideal weights for specific heights. With growing instances of obesity and obesity- related complications in the present times, a height weight chart is inevitable to know about the healthy height weight ratio and maintaining the same. Height weight charts vary for men and women and the purpose of the chart is to emphasize the need for staying fit and consistently managing their ideal weight.

 Height weight chart

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Using height weigh chart, you can calculate the Body Mass Index of an individual that will help him to know whether he is underweight, overweight, obese or has ideal body weight. The fat content in an individual’s body is measured by BMI and a BMI calculator can calculate it. People who have BMI lesser than 18.5, come under underweight category. Those above 18.5 and under 24.9, belong to the ideal or normal weight category. Above 25 to 29.9 BMI is considered overweight and those above 30 are declared obese.

Healthy height weight chart benefits

  • The ideal weight chart is a constant motivation force for people involved in weight loss programs. After knowing the appropriate height weight ratio, an individual can set weekly and monthly goals regarding weight loss to achieve the perfect healthy body.
  • Maintaining a fit body with the exact height and weight proportion will eliminate the instances related to obesity which can pave way to innumerable complications. The chart will stress the need to indulge in physical activity and fitness regimes to reduce weight and stay fit.
  • When you are in a weight loss regime, you can keep a track or journal about the weight you have lost every week and compare it with the ideal height weight that is necessary. The weekly analysis of the programs will encourage you by informing the amount of weight lost, every week and the weight you intend to lose, as per your plans.
  • Height weight chart also urges people to work out and hit the gym for a toned and fit body and chisel their body structure. In many cases, during the process of losing weight and working out in gym, individuals inadvertently get a gorgeous body.
  • The chart also prompts individuals to regularly check their weights and prevent unwanted health risks caused by sleep apnea, hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases that are common about over weight people.
  • The fact remains that ideal height weight chart makes people adopt a healthy lifestyle that helps them deal with weight gain related issues and indulge in a lot of physical activity and sports.
  • The hidden benefits of the chart also include abstinence since, in the pursuit of losing weight and staying fit, people follow abstinence and quit smoking which makes them lead a healthy lifestyle.

Ways to stay fit using height weight chart

  • Find out your perfect weight, in proportionate to your height and calculate the weight you need to lose or gain accordingly, to be healthy. Try to plan a rigorous weight loss regime within a stipulated period of time.
  • Set long term and short term goals with regards to weight loss plans, if you are over weight according to the chart. The goals you decide for yourself should be realistic and should be achievable within the given period of time.
  • The perfect way to maintain ideal height weight ratio is by working out and engaging in sporting or physical activity more. The chart may remind you of the amount of weight you need to lose and this inspires you to indulge in jogging, dancing, walking, rugby and a whole lot of others to tone your body.
  • Most of the times, it is extremely tempting to stray away from the weight loss regimes as planned and indulge in over eating with less physical activity. Height weigh chart constantly reminds individuals about the weight needed to be lost and ways to do the same even when you try to deviate from the plan you have charted.
  • Maintain a fitness journal listing out the progress you have made every week. The journal should comprise the diet followed, the sporting activity or physical activity indulged in and exercise routines.

Higher body mass index or weight can always increase the risk of weight related health issues. A height weight chart provides more insights into the perfect height and weight proportion and when you stick to that weight, you stay healthy without being susceptible to any kind of health complications or risks.

Google vs. Bing scandal

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It has been some time now since I first noticed a connection between Google’s and Bing’s results. I own a little niche site which I was updating regularly around one year ago, and was doing pretty good in search results, in both G and B. Unfortunately, due, lack of time (+ a little bit of laziness :D), I lost interest in keeping the site with fresh quality content. In other words, I just left it be. The interesting part is that as soon as my site started to fall in G’s search queries, it also went down on B’s. I found it curious, and then just moved at my business. But now, I have found that this link, this connection between G and B, is not just random. As reported by some other blogs [1][2][3], Google is providing Bing with search results! Btw, Bing released a nice statement, check it out. I really like the word “thoughts” here, in fact, I think it’s wonderfully used in this case.

Well, I’m not going to jump in the details of how G managed to reveal B’s theft (though from what I see , words like ‘hiybbprqag’ are becoming pretty popular ). I just find it spectacular that this kind of sh… can happed to big houses. As I am so so bored, I would pretty much like to see blood here. So my questions to you guys are “How do you think Google will retaliate? A lawsuit? Maybe a new operating system with half of the code from Microsoft’s Windows 7? Maybe all of it :D?”


As more that 90% of web searches performed today are made on Google, I will keep this random thoughts of mine focused on Google’s index. So, as many of you webmasters know, for virtually any query on Google that is not related to something you can actually buy, but is rather informational in nature, and consists of 2, 3 words, there are at least 2-3 user generated content sites that appear in the first results. Let’s give some examples:

1. sore throat remedies -,,,,, (not to mention the omnipresent webmd with it’s sister sites)

2. Rca Universal Remote - (the first one),,,,

3.  cell phone lookup -,,,

Well, my questions (which are not really my own, as many Google users - whether they are webmasters or simply web surfers - are also wondering these) are: Why do these sites have so much credit? Better yet, why do they get credit over some other quality sites that are focusing on a particular subject, like RCA remotes? Does a 400 words article on “how to program your RCA remote” even matches an entire site that is only about RCA remotes - site which may be continuously updated, edited, improved?

Well until some time ago, it did. But is seems that Google has finally waken up.  Following a post which I wrote merely an year ago, I finally see some desire to change this state of things. The web is boiling [1, 2, 3, 4] as monstrosities like the ones produced by DemandMedia (AnswerBag, Ehow, Livestrong) will soon meet their doom. Hopefully. The way I see it, the unique business model of DemandMedia is just a bunch of c..p. Their understanding of “high quality information” is a set of arbitrary stupid rules (oh yes, they have 10’s of manuals filled with rules) and 300 words articles, approved in numbers of 5000/day. So does EzineArticles, which approves 1000’s of articles per day. So do many other user generate content based sites. Is it really worth it (from the end-user point of view)?

So, what is your opinion on this? I will be waiting your toughs sent by you through our contact page. Thanks!


We would like to wish all the best to all people that have submitted their site in the wonderful 2010, that have read our blog, used our wordpress themes and CSS templates or applied to our SEO services. We hope that 2011 finds you healthy, happy and near your loved ones. That being said, on behalf of My Green Corner team:

Merry Christmas!

and Happy New Year!

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